Cebu is a great gateway destination which offers one-of-a-kind attractions that capture the hearts both of the locals and foreigners alike.One of the most frequently visited site in Cebu is the Island of Mactan which is located on the southeast of Cebu.  Mactan Island is a paradise in itself because of its boasting pristine waters and beautiful white sand beaches, making this place famous worldwide. Mactan island can be a great option for an exceptional vacation whether on a long stay or just a day tour experience. One of the top activities that everyone loves to embrace in the island of Mactan is the island hopping tours in the famous beach destinations. There’s nothing more fun than a day spent on the beach and be on  board on a private tour exploring the islands.

When exploring the islands around Mactan, a 6-hour island-hopping excursion and snorkelling adventure is highly recommended. Hop aboard on large private cruise through the islands on a large motorized boat locally known as a “banca” and  take a dip in the marine sanctuary or head out onto the waves in the beautiful stops at these islets: Hilutungan, Olango, Pandanon or Nalusuan. Cruising through these beautiful places that have  have marine sanctuaries and panoramic views with beaches dotting the Philippine Sea and watching colorful tropical fish darting through the clear waters is one spectacular experience that will leave you in awe. You can enjoy all these places while savoring a delicious grilled seafood lunch on the beach and enjoy free time to relax at your leisure. You can enjoy all these by getting a private scenic boat trip and dine on a picnic lunch in your own rented banca. For private banca needs, it’s pretty easy to book at Cebu Mactan Island Hopping tour package

Cebu island hopping package A

  • Private Island hopping
  • with lunch and drinks.
  • 3 Island destination.
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Cebu island hopping
cebu island hopping

Cebu island hopping package B

  • Private boat cruise 
  • affordable package
  • 3 island destination

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cebu island hopping
cebu island hopping

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cebu island hopping

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