Whether you are feeling stressed, bored or depressed or just itching for another crazy adventure, Nalusuan island is a great place to be! It’s a perfect spot to leave everything behind and experience nature and life that only the ocean can give.  It is also an amazing marine sanctuary so it’s a great spot for diving and snorkeling.


The long sand bar of Nalusuan island is a sanctuary to all the  marine creatures and to the nature lovers. You can literally reach at arm’s length with the abundance of sea life here. The fishes that you have only seen in your plates will be see here in their natural habitat.You will feel like you are a part of the sea, the island and the life under water.

The resort that operates in Nalusuan maintains and regulates the activities in the island. This place is a great choice for snorkeling as well as beach bumming activities. Not only that, the northwestern side of the island is a host to a gorgeous, shallow flats where you can spend a night on the island. The island is essentially a private resort featuring accommodations and cottages built on stilts. It also has its own restaurant that serves fresh sea foods. The island’s landing fee is ₱200/person. The resorts stresses out the environmental awareness of their guests.  ​Information about life under the sea is also available for the guests of the resort. The information also raises awareness on the importance of preserving marine resources to ensure future generations can benefit from them.  The ecological activities conducted in the area resulted to a number of positive results on the marine life around the island. Because of these activities, visitors can look forward to seeing moray eels, Malabar groupers, and stingrays, among others, in the area.

The Nalusuan Island and Marine Sanctuary is just one of the places in Cebu where visitors can look forward to a warm welcome and the chance to explore the beauty of the world of nature under the sea.  Surely it is a place that will amaze you!

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  1. Lok Which

    Recently, I have been battling myself with the thought of where to visit for vacation without deciding yet.Reading this article is really a solution to what I have been battling with. I love the features of nalusuan island and it is going to be a pleasure, a great experience exploring the beauty of the seas and of nature. will make it a surprise visit for my family.i know they will be happy after reading this knowing we will practically be going there. Thanks for bringing me the best place to visit for my vacation.

  2. Peter Echeng

    What’s life without the beauty of nature? What’s enjoyment without the spending time at a very relax atmosphere? Nature makes life more fulfilled and gives us something to think about. I really admire the beauty of this Beach, I can behold the beauty of nature just from the photos here and it’s a place one should visit and appreciate nature.

  3. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I have always been a fan of sailing and visiting different destinations around the world. This article has given me one more destination to visit. Although I have not been to Nalusan Island or Cebu before but with what i have read so far, it sounds like an interesting place that is filled with lots of adventures. Thanks for this informations

  4. swangirl

    Nalusuan Island sounds like a lovely place! I love snorkeling and the marine sanctuary would be great for me. I love to relax while letting the fish swim by and see the creatures on the sea floor. This sounds like an out of the way spot without too many tourists so it might be easier to really enjoy nature and feel relaxed.

    Marine sanctuaries are so important now as pollution, overfishing, coral bleaching and ocean acidification become more and more dangerous to marine life. I am glad to hear Nalusuan Island has this marine sanctuary to help protect the wild fish in the area.

  5. Louis

    Helli, thanks for this article on the Nalusuan Islands in the Philippines. I find the name to be quite funny and perhaps creative. The Nalusuan Islands will be an ideal vacation destination to relax and let go off all the stress of our daily lives. I’ll really love to enjoy some fish, crabs and oysters on the island.

    Tganks for writing, would add this destination to my bucket list!

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