5 Things You Need To Know About Sulpa Island

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5 Things You Need To Know About Sulpa Island .Sulpa island is a tiny island near Barangay San Vicente Olango Island. Sulpa is a rocky island, but surrounded with beautiful scenery.  I think the size of this island is just around 5,000 to 7,000 square meters . There are only a few tourists who visited the island and as far as I know, most of the travel agencies do not include Sulpa in their itinerary. They probably  underestimate this island but they don’t know that this is a potential tourist destination too. If I am to compare the Sulpa island to Gilutungan and Nalusuan, Sulpa is far better than those two islands. For now, Sulpa is just for local island goers because it isn’t as developed for tourists, but I think eventually they will be. Below are the 5 things you need to know about Sulpa Island. 


White Sand Bar No More

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Long time ago, back in the 80’s, Sulpa had a very good amount of white sands. If it is low tide, you can see a massive sand bar in between the Olango island and Sulpa. It is very safe to barefoot because of the white sand. Now the white sands are gone. There are many rumors that  the sand bar white sands of Sulpa were sold to a private beach resort in Maribago Lapu-Lapu City. Sad to say that the island right now is struggling because of the greediness of some people.


Cheap Entrance Fee

Sulpa island has a cheaper entrance fee if you compare to Gilutungan and Nalusuan, Cawhagan and Pandanon. The island alone has cottages, an old school setup like a local beach resort here in the mainland. They have a grilling station and a small comfort room. Most of the locals love to go there because of the cheap entrance fee and they felt like at home in Sulpa.  Most of the locals are doing island hopping in Cebu. They love to choose Sulpa island.



Not A Scuba Diving Site

This island has a shallow coral and some rough white sandy shore. The sand on its seashore is just but a small area and does not extend that. For diving, the west side of Sulpa has a drop-off of 50 meters, which is just fine for divers under training but not actually good for normal diving. I am an advanced scuba diver myself and I should know that this island is not a good diving site. Why?  Apart from shallow water, they also have a strong current and a down current which is very dangerous for this activity. I went there 2 years ago and I did snorkelling on the island. I saw a variety of healthy corals and fish, and I can say that maybe we can scuba dive here for beginners for just 8 meters. Snorkeling and swimming are certainly some of the basic activities you can enjoy  here, 


No Residence in the Island

This island is like a ghost town during the night. They don’t have electricity because no one is inhabiting here. Unlike any other islands, no one would dare to live here. Probably because it is such a rocky island and it’s quite scary at night with no electricity. 


Perfect for Photoshoot Activity

A few photographers and others in the same business industries come to Sulpa Island to get some nice photos with models for any sort of commercials. If you are planning to do a lingerie shoot, Sulpa is the best place to do it. My brother hired a few lingerie models for his outdoor furniture products, and we took it there. The best time to shoot is in the afternoon around  2 to 4 o’clock. There were a few locals present during the shoot. I also heard that many Korean models shot their movies and did some photoshoots on the island. They chose Sulpa island because of its privacy and serenity and rustic view.

If you are doing island hopping in Cebu, be sure to include Sulpa in your itinerary. it is an uninhabited place and furthermore under the protection of the Philippine government so many nationalities come here for cebu island hopping only. You can hire a boat from Olango Island if you are already there or if you’re in the mainland, you can simply make your request and ask for a fairly reasonable rate for boat rentals. For your hassle-free and affordable cebu boat rental needs and island hopping in cebu package? check out www.cebuislandhopppingtour.com


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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for sharing these tips on such a beautiful island! I can honestly say that I have never heard of Sulpa Island before, but you most definitely have peaked my interest in adding this to my “places to visit before I die” list. Especially like the idea of it being a beautiful backdrop, and not crowded with a bunch of people for photo shoots. 

    Do you live near Sulpa Island, or have you visited there before?

    1. Hi Brandy! thank you for visiting my site. Sulpa is 4 kilometers away from my home . 

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us .I would definitely like to thank you for discussing such beautiful tips about Sulpa Island .I went on a trip to Sulpa Island last year and have had a wonderful experience that I still remember today .The entry fee is very cheap, which surprised me the most, as well as no accommodation on the island .And because I love to take pictures, this island has been a great fit for me .

    Lastly I would like to know more details about this island through your article I will definitely go back here for my next vacation and will definitely share my new experience with you.

    1. Hi Shanta! You can contact me anytime if you are planning to visit here again. 

  3. Photographers and such business industry come to Sulpa island to get some nice photos with models for any sort of commercial and I believe that the sand on its seashore is just but a small area and does not extend that far judging from the visibility of the sand during high tides. It’s a really nice place. 

    1. THat’s right Patrick. 

  4. Hi,

    I’ve certainly heard of Sulpa Island for the first time upon reading about it in your post- but I certainly like the way you’ve described it. It must be very beautiful!

    You also have not hidden any important details that you know about the island- including how greedy people have interfered with the white sands that the island once boasted of. And also that the nearer the night approaches, the more the place gets deserted for lack of electricity. 

    I like such islands as those where one can retreat to and not find them all filled up by masses of people. It helps one unwind.


    1. Thanks Bonifiace for the great comment. hoping to see you here. 

  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have traveled to Sulpa Island before and the island is beautiful although there are very few tourists on the island.The main reason for the shortage of tourists on this island is that most travel agencies do not include excursions to Sulpa Island because there is no residential area where people can spend the night.And at night the island looks like a ghost town because no one can live in it.And the main reason for studying on this island is that I found it to be a stone but it is nice to see it during the day.

    1. That’s right Shariful! the island is so dark during night time coz there is no Power.

  6. Hi! 

    Thanks for showing us a nice tourist destination. It is really beautiful to go there.Though I don’t know about Sulpa Island, the picture of the island encourage me to go on a tour there.

    I am looking any place to go on a tour. I have enjoyed your post because I have got a nice place to go.

    You have mentioned five things about the island. One thing make me fear that is residence. Is there any inn near the island? Please answer me. You mentioned it as a Photoshoot destination. It attracts me because my favourite work is taking photo.

    Thank you very much again for the nice review.I will go there as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Tashibaarzu! thank you for visiting and reading my post. Actually, there is no Inn on the island, only main land has an inn or hotels.

  7. Sulpa island sounds like a really cool island to visit though it’s not developed like you said. I’m sad to hear though that it no longer has white sands and it does have me curious as to what may have happened to it. I know you said that there have been rumors of the white sand being sold to a private beach result, but could something natural have happened to the sand like maybe high tides or something else? I do wonder when the time will be that they do decide to add much more development of this rocky island for the tourists.

    1. hi Brian! thanks for the great comment. The government is planning to renovate as tourist spots next year. 

  8. Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know what sulpa island was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Photoshoot activity and its cheap entrance fee is a great attractive feature for me. How do I get to sulpa Island? What is Pandanon Island?

  9. Although Sulpa Island isn’t a popular island, I must admit that after reading through this article, I got an insight of what to expect if I decide to add this island to my list. One of the things I like about this island is the fact that it is quiet. Since it’s cheap, I like the idea of checking it out.

    1. thanks

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