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Haven’t heard Nalusuan island in Cebu? Nalusuan island is one of the most beautiful islands in Cebu.

Many foreigners and locals love to spend their Cebu Island hopping trip on this island because of its abundance of fishes and corals. Nalusuan island is one of the best snorkelling sites in Cebu. The island is a marine sanctuary, so expect more species of fish here. As what I found in google search, Nalusuan Island is a man-made island. If you would like to know more about Nalusuan island, here are my useful tips of Nalusuan island Cebu, Philippines.

How to go to Nalusuan Island

Nalusan Island is located at  Olango reef. It is a part of Cordova, Cebu. You can go with a boat ride for 45 minutes to 1 hour. It really depends on the boat speed and weather conditions to reach the island.. Most locals are renting a boat for their exclusive and private island hopping experience in Nalusuan Island. Please take note that they have an entrance fee of 400 pesos or around $8 US dollars. Their entrance fee is a little bit pricey for the locals. If you are a foreigner or local and would love to go to this island, I recommend this legit and honest agency to take care of you to go there, please check this Cebu island hopping package.

What To Do In The Island

You can do a lot of activities in the island like doing snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving, water sports like jetski or weave runner and even fish feeding . If you are in a family trip, fish feeding is the best alternative. They have a lot of fish who love to eat fish crackers which you can buy on the island. They prohibit everyone to feed the fish with a bread. If you like to do a scuba diving, Nalusuan Island is one of the best diving sites in Cebu. Most of our local  scuba divers and foreigners have included this sanctuary on their diving spot. There is a massive number of fish below their foot bridge and you can also see a big fish on their scuba diving sites. I won’t personally recommend free diving if you are a newbie on this sports because Nalusuan Island has a strong current sometimes.

Where To Eat?

Nalusuan Island has a floating restaurant that most of the foreigners like to eat. I don’t know their pricing yet but you can bring food during your Cebu island hopping trip. Most of our local clients bring their own food during their tour. Usually they bring some pork barbecue and even Lechon (roasted pig). If you like to eat some fresh seafood, there are a few  floating restaurants to the neighbouring islands. I also recommend this website that has a great cheap Cebu island hopping package including food . Check out the link below.

Cebu island hopping package and Cebu boat rental

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  1. Wow. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing tips. 

    I decided to go to Cebu this year and I have to complete my list of locations. Nalusuan Island is fantastic. I heard that the food here is very good and the people in the area are very friendly. The biggest advantage for me is that I can get here by boat and I don’t do more than 1 hour. The price of $ 8 is very cheap for entry and I think anyone who comes to this area should visit Nalusuan Island. Do you think you could recommend a place to stay maybe one night? Thanks and keep in touch! 

    1. see u soon

  2. I have stayed on Mactan Island while on business in Cebu and lived every minute of it. Unfortunately, I did not get to Nalusuan Island yet but after reading your article on the place, I am definitely going to add it to my bucket list or the next visit. There is a lot to do and it is not that far.

    Now that I do know about this place, I will also plan for some special activities too when I get there. There seems to be plenty to do. Cebu is one of my favorite places in the Philippines, by the way, and it is a place I am considering setting up at when I retire. Thanks for this great article on Nalusuan Island, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dave, hoping to see you here.

  3. Well thanks for sharing about Nalusuan Island. I am personally quite excited to see the island with my own eyes after my friends have traveled there. I plan to go there this midyear with my family. But just in case, Is there any recommended season to go snorkeling? Thank you for your answer

    1. March to May is the best time to do island hopping

  4. From what I have read so far, I am convinced that Nalusuan Island is definitely one of those experience I’d love to have in my lifetime. From that picture, the island looks beautiful and attractive too as much as there are so many a activities we can get invoice in. I love the idea of fish feeding. Lol, I thought we’d be allowed to roast some fishes! I’d love to have a taste of their eatery too. However, I love what the locals eat, I love pork.

    1. Thank you for the comment. 

  5. While reading I know that Nalusan Island is located at Olango reef. It is a part of Cordova, Cebu. I know about Nalusan very few. Nalusuan Island is a man-made island. Nalusuan island is one of the most beautiful islands in Cebu. Now I know that Nalusuan Island has a floating restaurant that most of the foreigners like to eat. Now we are very excited to visit Nalusan Island.

    1. Hope to see you here , thanks

  6. Hi,

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines! I had never heard of Nalusuan Island, but it sounds just perfect. I’m not too much into water sports, but I’ve practiced snorkeling a few times. It would be nice to explore the island this way.

    I also noticed a couple of Spanish terms. Do you speak Spanish by any chance? We also eat lechon in Mexico.

    I will bookmark your article for future reference. Thanks!

    1. I can’t speak spanish. We have also a lechon here , taste so good.

  7. I hadn’t heard of Nalusuan island before but it sounds beautiful I think It would be cool to see all of the fish there. The price sounds reasonable too. Are there places to stay overnight on the island? or would you have to travel back? I guess either way the boat ride isn’t too long. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. There is a hotel on the island but not sure about their rates.

  8. Hi! Thank you very much for your advice. I’m glad I came across your site. My family and I have been planning our trip to Philippines for ages. And we’re all excited it seems to finally starting to become true. One of our sure locations to visit is Cordova, Cebu.

    I have heard about that floating restaurant, we’ll check it out. And I’d like to do all the activities you mentioned here: snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving… but I don’t know if we’ll have enough time! Hope we do!

    1. Wow that is nice! I hope to see you here. 

  9. Hello,

     Your article is handy: people can do a lot of activities. I like to visit different countries every year, but didn’t hear about Cebu and Nalusuan Island. Your article is very tempting to go online, buy the ticket, sit to the plain and fly to Filipinos! It looks like a beautiful Island, and thanks for the useful tips. It is terrific to know before visiting the Island.  

    1. Thanks hoping to see u here

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